Education is the bedrock of our city, state, and nation. Atlanta Public Schools are making significant strides in the right direction towards becoming a premier education system. As a city, we must do all that we can to support the turnaround of Atlanta Public Schools. The success or failure of the system will have profound effects on our children’s future, the quality of life for our families, and the strength of our economy. Additionally, we must provide pathways to prosperity post K-12, for our citizens via innovative workforce development efforts.

As your City Councilman, I will do the following:


  • Advocate for the overhaul of WorkSource Atlanta (Formerly AWDA) into an organization with a renewed focus on augmenting Atlanta Public Schools and protecting economic mobility by:

    1. Ensuring that all of the City of Atlanta’s Pre-K providers achieve “Quality Status” as defined by the State of Georgia,

    2. Assisting APS in providing resources for “wrap around” services to its families,

    3. Expanding the model used by Westside Works to the entire city to provide a cocktail of trade skills to any resident striving to become a more productive citizen.

    4. Providing pre-k subsidy for low-income families.

  • Advocate for the modernization and enhancement of the city’s libraries via innovations such as,

    1. “Exposure Centers” that will use Virtual Reality headsets and programs to expose our youth to destinations, cultures, and thinking in an interesting and engaging way,

    2. “Play Labs” that will, through sponsorship from the city’s universities, provide hands-on learning spaces that will expose our youth to STEM and urban planning & design in a fun and exciting way,

    3. “Creative Labs” that will provide creatives with spaces and tools to create art, music, web graphics and sites, etc.


  • Foster and support the growth of partnerships between our corporate community and APS.

  • Advocate for the creation of an college student engagement plan that will seek to accomplish the following:

    1. Make college students aware of the lifestyle options, amenities, resources and opportunities available to them in Atlanta via routine on-campus visits.

    2. Introduce college students to Atlanta culture via direct advertisement of community events and cultural hubs.