Atlanta has to address the issues of homelessness in a comprehensive manner. We cannot continue to allow our fellow Atlantans to live in the conditions that so many homeless individuals find themselves in. As a city, we must provide a robust pathway back to productivity for the individuals who desire a better life. To create this robust pathway, we will have to coordinate our service providers under a unified system which utilizes the strength of our providers and eliminates redundancies.

As your City Councilman, I will do the following:


  • Support the city’s future Strategic Plan to address homelessness


  • Advocate for the creation of a city controlled non-profit organization that will support the coordinated efforts in the following ways:


  1. Provides and maintains a fleet of vehicles that will be used to find and transport homeless individuals directly to service providers that serve as the first step in the recovery process.
  2. Houses the central database and case management system to be used by all providers within the comprehensive plan.
  3. Coordinates the various groups and organizations who street feed the homeless into a comprehensive meal plan that will enable the service providers to offer housing, services, and food for the individuals seeking assistance.


  • Advocate creating a requirement that any corporation that receives public funding from the City of Atlanta or Invest Atlanta, must dedicate a portion of their charitable givings to this non-profit.