Planning and urban design set the foundation for how our residents and visitors live, work, play, create, and experience our city. For too long, we have treated planning and urban design as an afterthought. As Atlanta takes its place on the world stage, we must ensure that our city begins to adopt the basic urban design principles already inherent in other leading cities around the globe.

As your City Councilman, I will do the following:


  • Support the Planning Commissioner’s “Beloved City” vision for the city.


  • Advocate for the city to truly embrace the “City in the Forest” theme by incorporating green features and programs such as the following.


  1. Green walls and green roofs
  2. Sky parks


  • Support the creation of a Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) program in Atlanta.


  • Advocate for the creation of parks, plazas, statues, and fountains of significant scale.


  • Explore the possibility of implementing a citywide kiosk system that allows for visitors and residents to access city information wherever they are.


  • Explore resources that can be used to help Atlanta synchronize and maintain its streetscapes on a routine basis.


  • Promote dense, mixed use, mixed-income, alternative transit oriented, and environmentally responsible developments.


  • Eliminate parking minimums and require that developers produce an alternative transit plan that would detail how they intend for building occupants to connect and use alternative transportation.


  • Advocate for the creation of a quality of life index for the city.


  • Advocate for the adoption of an “artisan manufacturing” land-use designation similar to that of Nashville, to enable our craftsmen and artisans, to live where they work.


  • Advocate for the adoption of a robust street vending program


  • Advocate for the creation of an International District downtown that would seek to centralize the international community of the region, in town, via supportive housing, culture centers and museums, and incentives.